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This large bag double bag is designed after an early Pennsylvania style hunting pouch.  The pouch measures 7 1/2"x 7 1/2" is fully lined with linen.  The rear pocket has a 1" gusset giving it plenty of room.  There is a small double pocket, sewn to the back, perfect for spare fints.  A tool pocket is sewn to the front on the main pocket for screwdriver of nipple wrench.  The front pocket measures 6" x 6" is well suited for fint and steel or other necessities.

    The pockets and flap are edged with pinked elk hide. The inleted hearts are red wool from a trade blanket.  The strap is made of heavy cotton duck sewn over jute for added strenght.  The strap ends are doubled cowhide with a cast brass buckle.



This is another early style of pouch. It measures 7"x 9". This is a good pouch for the longhunter who want to travel lite.  The green herring-bone jute strap is short, 47", to fit high on the side.  The flap is edged in pinked-cut tan deerhide.  The strap ends are brown cowhide fitted with a heavy brass buckle.




This is another example of a cloth hunting pouch.  The pouch is made of dark blue blanket wool lined with cotton duck and edged with buckskin.  The pouch measures 8 1/2" x 9 1/2".  The strap is 48" of blue wool backed with cotton duck. There is a small pocket sewn into the back of the pouch for flints or other small things.  This would make a good lightweight hunting pouch or small haversack.  Very few cloth pouches have survived the ravages of time, although I have seen a few examples. 


$ 30.00


This small southern style hunting pouch is made of black moosehide and fully lined with linen.  The pouch measures 6 " x 7" and is perfect for the hunter who likes to travel light.  The strap is made of blue herringbone jute and measures 54".  The flap and pouch edge are edged in tan buckskin.




The Weeping Heart is one of the classic symbols of the early fur trade.  This large bag (10"x 8"x1") will hold everything you can ever need in the two large pouches.  In side the main pouch there are two smaller pockets for tools, powder measure or a folding knife, as well as a small pocket for spare flints.  The pouch is made of black moose hide trimmed in red buckskin.  The weeping heart on the flap is red buckskin.  The strap is red herring-bone jute fitted with a brass buckle and cowhide strap ends.  The pouch is lined with heavy grey cotton.

BWHP 1000


Pennsylvannia-Dutch Snow Flake Design

The design on this pouch flap is an adaptaion of a Pennsylvannia-Dutch pattern.  The inletting on the flap is backed with red buckskin. The pouch measures 8 1/2" x 9".  There is a tool pocket and small flint pocket sewn inside.  The pouch and flap are fully lined with linen.  The strap is red herringbone jute fitted with red cowhide belt tabs and a single D brass buckle.  The pouch is trimed with scalloped buckskin.  The flap is held closed with a brass button and scallop-cut buckskin loop.




The pouch is trimmed with scaloped red buckskin on the beaver tail flap and on the strap ends.  The pouch measures 7" x 8" with a 2" gusset.  The strap is 2" wide made of red herring-bone jute.  There is a small pocket for spare flints sewn inside on the back of the pouch. 

RTBT 1000

$65 .00


This early style hunting pouch measures 7" X 7" and is fully linen lined.  Perfect for the longhunter who likes to travel light.  The flap is light brown moose, edged in dark brown deer, while the body is dark brown. The strap is green herring-bone jute with cowhide strap ends and a single D cast brass buckle. The flap is held in place with an antler button. There is a flint pocket sewn into the back.




This is a traditional early style hunting pouch measures 9" x 9".  The deep narrow shape of the pouch keeps the bottom weighted.  This makes it less likely to spill out all your gear.  There is a small pocket for spare flints.  The 2"strap is green herring-bone jute edged with buckskin and backed with cotton duck, with heavy cowhide strap ends and a heavy brass buckle.  The pouch is fully lined with natural linen.

HSP- 200




This is a typical early style pouch.  This brown moose hide pouch measures 8 1/2" X 9 1/2".  The pouch and strap are edged in yellow elk.  The strap is made of dark brown jute.  The ajustable strap is finished in cowhide and fitted with a single D brass buckle.  A small pocket sewn to the back of the pouch keeps a spare flint within easy reach.  The pouch is fully lined with linen.

LHP. 700



This is a military style cartridge box that was often used by colonial militia men.  The box cover is made of heavy cowhide.  The block itself is made of pine and holds 24 rolled paper cartridges.  The holes in the block are 3/4 of an inch, large enough for a brown bess cartridge.  The holes are all drilled by hand using a brace and bit, just like the originals were made.  As a result the top of the block may be chiped and some of the holes may be cut through, the bit sometimes wanders a little.  There is a double flap.  The second shorter flap is to keep out rain or a stray spark.  The strap is 2 1/2" wide made of double layered linen for added strength. Each box comes with a brass vent pick and pan brush suspended from a brass chain. This type of box saw use throughout the 17th century and well into the 19th century.  The color of leather may vary as to what I have on hand.

CB 100